This year we started a project to find out what you thought could make Lexus a stronger operation. We were thrilled and humbled with your response. I answered the two most popular suggestions as voted by you, in the video (at right) and we've also listed the ten most popular.

Feel free to browse everything below.

Thank you all very much for your contributions.

Andrew Kirby,
General Manager, Lexus International

Most Popular Ideas


I know this may be a very common "want" from many Lexus enthusiasts but create a GS-F that can compete with the M5, C63 AMG, and S6. Beyond the performance boosts, create an more aggressive (than F-Sport) look while sticking to the ... Read More »

Expanded lineup

Alright, you need to revamp your lineup to better compete with the German rivals. You need coupe and wagon body styles for the IS, a coupe or wagon for the GS, about 3 full F models, a CT-F with all wheel drive ... Read More »


Racing is a great way to promote your cars, and the WTCC is gaining popularity around the world, in places like America and Asia, not only in Europe. A great place to send the CT racing is the WTCC, with BMW's expected ... Read More »

Next generation IS

Both sedans need a manual transmission option and an automatic with downshift rev matching. While the current transmissions are excellent for everyday driving, they are a serious Achilles heel with it comes to performance driving. Also the lower end IS needs to ... Read More »

Auto Wi-Fi

It will be useful to have an integrated wi-fi hotspot in lexus cars. A similar solution was provided by Audi A7. Read More »


to combine turbo and hybrid technology togther creating amazing power and efficiency. Read More »

Fold Down Rear Seats In Sedans

BMW, Mercedes, and Audi all at least offer an option (if not standard) of getting fold down rear seats in their sedan. Small ski-sized pass-throughs just don't cut it. This might seem like a small thing, but is hugely beneficial for someone ... Read More »

Heated & Cooled Cupholders

Great to have an option such as heated & cooled cupholders. Read More »

European market strategy

Lexus need to be much quicker to respond to market conditions and consumer demands. I have noticed how long it takes Lexus to release a new model, or add new engine and trim options. Compare that with other luxury makers who seem ... Read More »

Lexus vehicle design competion

Practice business ethics and brand profile, by establishing an international design competition for Lexus vehicles, which involves design school students. The competition will offer opportunities for up and coming designers the opportunity to showcase their talents, and perhaps even a placement with ... Read More »