Navigation Upgrades

Lexus' current navigation system is by far one of the best and easiest to use among all automakers, but as always, everything can be improved.

- 3D view or bird's eye view. This option is available in Europe and Asia, so don't actually understand why the US doesn't have this.

- Full map display in the new GS's 12,3" display. Split screen is useful for some cases but it isn't when you want to watch a movie or you just want to have the full map displaying.

- Free subscription for Lexus Enform services or at least just one time payment.

- More and easier updates over the air. One update per year isn't just enough because we are growing faster than that and we shouldn't go to the dealer every time we would like to update our system.

- Better voice recognition. Lexus fails this part as it is not match for Mercede's Linguatronic.

- E-mail reading. Even though some cell phones have this feature, a bunch of them don't (iPhone, several high-end Android phones, some BlackBerries, etc)

- Better rear view parking assistance.

- Navigation override, this was a really handy feature because you don't always have time to stop the vehicle in the highway or you don't want to spend time stopping there just for inputing a new destination.

User Comments

3D and bird's eye view would be awesome. I also agree that the navigation should have full access even while driving.

Definitely think there should be a 3D/Birds eye view, more frequent and less expensive map updates, and better voice recognition. Voice recognition, especially, is much too limited right now. It's depressing that my $200 smart phone has massively better voice recognition than a $55,000 luxury car.

As far as email and text reading on the 2013 nav. system, unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't actually allow that information to be transferred through bluetooth at all. That's why this feature isn't available with the iPhone. As far as the other smart phones, they'll need to be added with future updates as the all have slightly different bluetooth profiles for this functionality.

And on top of that, the performance needs to be improved to the point where the GUI is fluid and smooth. One of the major appeals and why people love the iPhone and other iOS products is the smoothness and fluidity of their interface.
That's something that can definitely be done with today's technology.

@Daniel Oria

I actually think that the GUI of the new Lexus Navigation is pretty smooth and well designed. The look and feel of this system is better than Mercedes and Audi's MMI. Even BMW's iDrive is not match.

But as I said, it still needs some little improvements and fixes regarding new features.

Would be even better if they could use the split screen technology on future screens so 1 person can watch a film or something whilst driver is viewing nav.

With the huge 12.3" display we should be able to have the full map instead of just an split screen. Lexus should fix this as soon as possible since an split screen might work when driving or having a guided navigation but when watching a movie it's nonsense since you are just using the 60% of your screen.

@ Jake

I agree that the Lexus GUI is better than Mercedes' system or Audi's MMI. However, in terms of look and animation fluidity it is definitely not nearly as good as mobile phone operating systems like the iPhone's iOS and Windows Phone 7. Honestly, I think BMW's iDrive is much more attractive and cohesive in terms of design than the Lexus navigation interface too. Frankly, despite its great functionality, the Lexus navigation system GUI consists almost entirely of blocks of buttons and tabs and poorly laid out text. It's pretty easy to use, but it could look and feel a lot better.