Hardware BACK Button on Remote Touch Controller

While the Remote Touch controller does have a learning curve, the system is intuitive and functional with some familiarity -- however, the lack of a hardware BACK button allowing you to return to the previous screen makes navigating a very careful and time-consuming process.

This would reduce the friction of making mistakes (selecting the wrong option, changing your mind) and in the process would build up a muscle-memory, making it much easier to use.

(Interestingly, the new Display Audio controller available on the non-navigation 2013 RX & ES models has a hardware BACK button.)

User Comments

Absolutely agree! I was amazed by how useful the back button was on the Display Audio package when I used it!

I think a back button on future remote touch controllers should be a serious consideration.

This reminds me to the iPhone and Android phones comparison. While every single Android phone has the "back button" there the iPhone relies on the app's back button which is not always in the same place and can and may lead to confusion.

Agree!! It provides a more user friendly aporoach.