I know this may be a very common "want" from many Lexus enthusiasts but create a GS-F that can compete with the M5, C63 AMG, and S6. Beyond the performance boosts, create an more aggressive (than F-Sport) look while sticking to the new spindle grill and Lexus language. Perhaps something that looks similar to the Five Axis GS F-Sport.

Here's to hoping :)

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I couldn't agree more! :-D

I want a GS-F.

A GS-F would totally be awesome

Lexus did it pretty well with the new GS F Sport, the GS F would be the next level of performance of Lexus. Lexus needs this to expand their F Performance line-up and make people see that Lexus is sportier than ever.

A GS-F is definitely needed, IS-F motor supercharged, it might not meet German outputs but with Lexus R&D on handling (thanks LFA)it would definitely give a M5 a run for it's money but with far more luxury comforts. Jaguar XF-R ring a bell

A V-8 with a hybrid motor would make it a great GS-F!

If Lexus builds it, I will buy it...and I'm sure others will also.

I want to partly agree here if Lexus can just improve the second generation hybrid on the GSh say to 420kw of power with 650N.m of torque the we got a an M5 killer using all the same engineers who worked on the LFA and still maintain 10k less interms of pricing!!